First off, i'm in the USA so i'm not sure of the difference of terms used. Bear with me. Lol I found that site on google and can't find anything similar here. 

In 2010 when I got my smear while pregnant he told me I had HPV.  This was the first time I'd gotten anything because up until 2009 I was married for 12 years. No colposcopy was suggested at this time.

In 2012 it was also abnormal and he suggested the colposcopy. I forgot about it. 

Fast forward to this past April 2018. My doctor was very concerned, but i'm a mom of 6 and just put it off. Bad, I know. :(

2 weeks ago my period ended and I thought I was getting a yeast infection, treated it. It got worse. Thought I had a BV infection. I've been trying boric acid suppositories. There's a smell now that smells so so bad. I started googling only to see the words "cervical cancer odor" and my stomach dropped. 

My doctor has an online program called mychart where you can go back and look at your old tests. So I started looking at symptoms and my tests and started getting really scared. It's all clicking. 

I have an appointment with my general doctor on Monday but my colposcopy/biopsy isn't until the 27th

My symptoms are: severe lower joint paint, legs hips, lower back. I'm now spotting with a foul, garbage odor that I can't get rid of. Extreme fatigue after sleeping 8 hours every night. Very water discharge that I wear a pad for in the last week. Irritable bowel symptoms for the last 2or 3 months. Mild headaches. Spotted a few times after sex, but currently it's pink every time I wipe.


What are your symptoms? 

I haven't told my husband my fears, yet. I don't want him to worry until we know. 


Thank you for giving me a place to vent. I've held this in for 2 weeks. 

Hiya, I had lots of symptoms, some similar to yours. I had a leep which showed cin3 and suspicious for microinvasion area. I then had a cone and results came back showing nothing- tiny spot of cin1 clean margins. Please go get checked out, but don’t stress. Symptoms could be anything and our minds can definitely play a role. Good luck hun.