Hi all

im having a complete meltdown about my appointment tomorrow....I'm petrified I'm going to be told it's advanced cc and that nothing can be done for last appointment my consultant couldnt confirm staging until MRI scans had been done, although on her notes I could see 1b but like I said she wouldn't head feels as though it's going to explode it's in overdrive thinking all sorts and I'm so scared.....I just keep thinking i only have months to live and I'm devastated!!! 

im petrified :(

kelly x

Keep strong Hun try not to think the worst xx thoughts are with you tomorrow xxx


It is completely understandable that you feel like this - we all have been there! Its horrible...definitely the worst part of this experience. Please try to stay positive though. This time tomorrow Kelly, you will know everything....your staging and your treatment plan. Melanie - in 48 hours, you will be exactly the same. You have gotten the last couple of weeks of waiting...not long left now. We all completely understand the panic and the dark thoughts. Please, please, please do not use google. Google is not your friend right now. Google gives you the worst case scenerio and alot of the time it is NOT factual information. 

We are all rooting for you. When I received my staging, there was another lady on here who received her staging the same week. I found it strangely comforting that there was someone out there who knew exactly how I felt at that time.  

Sending positive thoughts to both of you xxxx

It's very rare that staging changes much between initial assessment and scan results. These doctors are very experienced and they know their stuff. A lot more than Google does! If it looks like a 1b it's extraordinary unlikely to be upgraded to, say, a 3.

This is a VERY curable disease. Please try not to stress yourselves too much over it.

Be lucky :-)

Good Luck today Kelly! Let us know how you get on xxxx

Thank you ladies

I'll be letting you all know later how i got on, I may need some words of comfort

love Kelly x

Dear Kelly,

Very best wishes, thinking of you And thinking positive.


Good luck for today Kelly. Thinking of u. 

Big Hugs Nicola x