Panic starting to kick in now

Hi all…hope ur all well
Just need a little vent…iv got my first scan comin up on the 7th of April and I’m starting to panic. Iv been counting down the weeks to this but now it’s nearing I’m not looking forward to it… I try to keep busy and take my mind off it but it’s always there niggling away in the background. Don’t know what I want fro this post just needed to get it off my chest xx

Post away! That darn anxiety can play nasty tricks on us near scan days.

I know there's nothing I can say to totally ease your mind but I'll be praying for positive results ❤

Hi Louise.Scans are the worst. I've got to the point where I have a natural dislike of all radiologists. It's completely irrational. I guess you have to take it out on someone.It's a very sressful tome but wether your stressed or not the outcome doesn't  change. Fingers crossed Jayne


Doesn't it totally suck. The ups and downs. The highs the lows. I did feel so much better after the first scan cause at least I know the treatment worked initially. 

I was so worried about residual cancer being left. Once my first scan was clear I know that I wasn't the 5% that resdiual cancer would be there. Now.... I worry about recurrence. Lol. 

Crazy ride this cancer, but as pp mentioned being stressed out will not change the outcome  I've learned to just play it by ear.....

this is my moto... well if it comes back, I go on fighting. If I stay in the clear, I keep celebrating! Either way I refuse to let this cancer rule my life  

post/rant away, if there is any people who understand it is all of us!!!!!!!!


Hi ladies

Thanks for the replies..I know stressin does not help and I'm cursing myself for stressin lol...and to top it all I went to doctors today because iv got a chest infection and she sent me for x ray which has just added to my stress levels.. I don't think my chest is anything sinister because it feels like I always have but it at back of my mind now what if it has spread...oh I need a holiday or something to take my mind off things lol xx

Hi Louise :-)

Pre-scan anxiety is par for the course I am sorry to say. I know just how debilitating it can be believe me! This is so completely normal. However, it should please you to know that the more clear scans you get under your belt, the easier it becomes. I've got my next one on 3rd April and am actually really looking forward to it :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi tivoli 

Thanks for the's bloody horrible ain't it...I think once iv had the scan I be fine..and iv only got to wait 6 days for the results which is not too long...I think cos it's the first one ur wondering if it has worked...but I'm trying to be positive ..I'm feelin absolutely great all the symptoms I had before av gone so I'm hopin that's a good thing xx