Panic setting in.....(children mentioned)

Hi, I'm new here & have managed to work myself up into a state, just a few days after receiving notification of abnormal cells with HPV found. 

Appointment for Colposcopy came today - they wanted to see me this Friday!

Too short notice to book time off work, childcare, find someone to come with me.....

When I phoned to reschedule & asked the nurse about it all, she said my Mirena coil will have to come out, I'll need blood tests before treatment....

Not a happy bunny, the booklet they sent me says one thing, my GP tells me another and the hospital - over an hour away - say yet another!!

I've had a massive DVT 4 years ago and am on anti-coag injections, GP said they won't be a problem, I won't bleed much - hospital say I need blood taken and all treatment planned ahead.

Single mum, 4 kids, in complete state of panic.

I know it's so little to worry about compared to so many others, but I can't think about anything else right now......

Hi ladies,

Sorry - posted in a panicky hurry without having read the protocols bit - have amended the title and really sorry if I've thoughtlessly offended anyone.

I've seen my haematologist today, who has taken me off anti-coags until after my colposcopy / treatment, so it should be able to go ahead as planned tomorrow.

Has anyone else felt unbelievably frightened at first of needing a possible LLETZ, and then like I am now - I want it done a.s.a.p, so I can start recovering?!

Lots of good wishes to everyone else going through this