Panic mode

Hi all,

I had my total hysterectomy 3 weeks ago on friday. Scans etc gave my consultant the impression that it was stage 1a2 at best and said hysterectomy would be best and i could keep my ovaries. My initial biopsy results from my colposcopy showed LVSI present so that has always been a worry for me. My consultant was adamant the surgery would be the only treatment required. I was told i should receive my results within about 2 weeks. I got a call today from my consultants secretary asking me to come in for a meeting with him this Thursday to discuss my results. Im 90% sure he is going to reccommend chemorads. They wouldnt give me any info on the phone, just that he would prefer to see me in person. Im totally gutted if i do need the chemorads too. Im really struggling with surgery recovery and am an emotional mess. I had just started to feel like i see light at the end of the tunnel, no menopause and just a few more weeks of recovery and that would be it. Now i feel like Im back at initial diagnosis stage. Has anyone had to go in to meet with their consultant to discuss results and given the all clear? Sorry for long rant xx

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