Pancreatic cancer advertising campaign – Trigger Alert

Hi Everyone


I just wanted to bring to your attention that a new hard hitting campaign is being launched tomorrow to highlight the need for urgent increased awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer. As some of you may know, those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer face a difficult prognosis with only 3% chance of survival.


The creative behind the campaign features real life people facing a terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and saying they would rather have a different cancer. There are three different adverts in total referring to three different cancers with one of them being cervical cancer. The campaign will start in the Metro newspaper tomorrow and will also run throughout the London Underground.


Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust understands the devastating impact of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that much needs to be done to improve survival rates in this area. However we also appreciate that being told you have cancer of any kind is equally devastating and no one would choose to go through a diagnosis regardless of the type. In particular, we are very concerned that those of you who have lost a loved one to cervical cancer or are facing an incurable diagnosis may find this shocking and deeply distressing.


Please know that, as always, we are here to support you whatever stage of your journey with cancer and, should you need support through this time please do remember to access any of our services including our helpline on 0808 802 8000.


I’m sorry to have to contact you for such a difficult reason but the team and I feel that it is right to make you aware of a campaign that is potentially upsetting to our community.


Sending you my very best wishes