Palpable/visual mass on cervix

Hello all,

I am in my 30's, HPV + with a palpable mass on my cervix. I've had smears on time my entire life with all clear and CIN 1 and CIN 2, then all clears. I've had ovarian cysts that come and go, with a history of long, painful, heavy menses. (Family curse we call it). Within the past half a year, I've had pain with intercourse, with some (But not always), bleeding during/after.  A couple of times we attributed it my menses arriving, as it was close in time. Eventually i noticed if my partner hit a certain area near my cervix it was very painful (same with tampon during menses). I assumed it was cyst related and went in to gyno. US showed a cyst with mild bleeding in abdomen. They also noted a mass in my uterus that they believe could be a fibroid, but i also had my menses so they thought maybe it was a blood clot. Then there were two times it was nowhere near my menses and I bleed heavily like menses immediately upon penetration. I took it upon myself to palpate around my cervix (at some point during all this) and felt a mass. It literally felt like one side of my cervix was growing out. I immediately went to gyno who believed it was a cyst but biopsed it. The mass came back CIN 1 and inside my cervical canal CIN 2. She recommended cold knife removal of cervical tissue and biopsy of uterine mass. I was hesitant because it just didn't seem like the proper treatment. (I work in medicine). While waiting to schedule surgery I continued to palpate mass and noticed it was growing. Sex was uncomfortable , but no bleeding if we avoided the "area". I decided to go for a second opinion with a Gynocological oncologist who has worked with individuals with CIN. She took one look at me and was not happy with what previous gyno recommended (as that was for microscopic changes, not an actual mass). She said it looks similar to a polyp but with a thicker stalk than normal and seems to be adhered to my cervical wall on one side. She took a biopsy and I bleed a lot after. She told me it is either a very rare odd, looking benign growth, or it could be CC. I am currently awaiting results that should be back by Thursday. She was also the first dr who palpated my lymph nodes in my groin which made me think she believes it may be cancerous. She is the head of a large speciality teaching hospital so its scary to hear its not something she's seen before. Anyone have a similar experience? I am relieved I went for a second opinion, because I feel like it might be CC, but now I am nervous and scared that is is while waiting for results!!


Thank you for taking time to read this and/or reply.



Hi Nic,

Sorry to hear you find yourself in this position. Sounds as though there is some complexity with previous cysts and possible fibroids and polyps. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice here, but the fact you are being seen soon has to be good news as the sooner you know what you have the sooner you will be treated, whatever the outcome. The waiting is always the worst thing, and seems to be a long time in the UK. I hope you get some positive news soon, but if it does turn out to be CC then this site is brilliant for support and information, so stick close by. All the best for Thursday.

Thank you Rachel for replying. It is a very lonely time for me waiting. I haven't really discussed this with anyone,  and have led my family to believe it's nothing serious. I didn't want to worry anyone until I have all the facts, but I am worried.


How's did you go? Just wondering if all is ok for you?