Palliative Care


Not posted before however found site really useful. However now I just would like to know if anyone is going through something similar to this
I'm feeling let down, my family are really angry and my mind is all over the place.
At my 3 month scan my doctor was recommending in her clinical opinion a pelvic exteneration. She was overruled (in her words) by the mdp as they believed my cancer was a slow healing type. At my 6 month scans, I'm now unable to have surgery and am being offered palliative chemo. So far I understand it's outside pelvic area, in lymph nodes, liver is enlarged and she mentioned my bowel. I'm going to see Doc again this morning and chemo specialist next week.
I'm trying to be positive but at the moment I'm really struggling.
My doctor has advised me 6 months if I don't have chemo 18 months /2 years if I do
Will know more after today.


Hello Clarabelle, sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  

Don't focus on the timescale the doctors have given you - if you can - I know that  will be difficult but they aren't always right.  

I hope your appointment today helps you to make the right decision for you over the chemo. I wish you all the best & please let us know how you get on later today.

God Bless



Hi Clarabelle, like you I have not posted before but have found this site useful.  I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  I was also diagnosed with Stage 2b Cervical Cancer in January this year and had chemo radiation and 2x brachytherapy which finished in April.  However at my 6 month MRI scan I was sent for a PET scan as my consultant was unsure if it was scar tissue or residual cancer.  I also have a couple of suspicious para-aortic nodes and following an examination it was decided that a Hysterectomy and Lymph node removal would not be possible to the position of the tumour.  I have since had an EUA, biopsies, colonoscopy and cystoscopy and am currently awaiting results to see what happens next.  

I am trying to remain positive and upbeat but sometimes it is easier said than done.  As bogeywoman says please let us know how you get on at your appointment.

Take care

Really sorry to hear this. This has just come up on my FB newsfeed. A new forum for people with a terminal diagnosis run by Marie Curie Cancer Care. May be of help to you. y thoughts are with you. x

Hi Clarabelle today is my 1 year 'anniversary' for when I had my surgery, & just came on as I check in every now & then & have had so much help when I've had questions or just been plain scared. I had stage 1B CC, had radical hysterectomy & then lymph nodes removed. I hope you got some answers at your check up, so sorry you are going through this, keeping you in my thoughts & prayers x

Hi Clarabelle, & Sooze,

I'm really sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I just popped in to wish you both all the very best. Do let us know how you are getting along.

With love


How is it going? Thinking of you.

Molly xxx

Hello there, take the diagnosis with a pinch of salt. I was given 6-12 months in May and I am still here, no worse than I was then really. If they offer you palliative treatment, I took it. I worked out I had nothing to lose because if the treatment made me very poorly I would just stop it. Find yourself a good consultant that you trust, I asked for a second opinion when I felt unsure about the advice I was given. There are lots of ladies in this site that will help you through this next part of your life. Be strong and take each day at a time.

lots of love


Hi Karen,

Great to see you are doing so well.Long may it last :-)

All the best to you and Clarabelle.

Becky x

Hi all

Thankyou for your messages. My treatment starts on the 9th. Cargo platoon, paclitaxel and bevacizumab every 3 weeks for 6 courses then review. Then the bevi every 3 weeks after that. To be honest I'm much more positive now and trying to celebrate every day something great. Next stop - wig shopping, not sure about it but will make it fun with my Mum & best friend trying them on.


thankyou again for the kind messages, it really means a lot.



Hi Clarabelle

I saw my Oncologist yeaterday and it seems I'm in a similar situation to you.  I have to have Carbol/Taxol and Avastin although I won't be starting my treatment until the New Year.  still trying to get my head round it all but am feeling more positive now I know what is going on. 

Good Luck with your treatment.