Hi not really sure what forum topic to put this in but hoping someone can advice please. Dec 2011 I was diagnosed with CC FIGO stage 1B1 squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix laparoscopic radical thrachelectomy with pelvic lymphadenectomy. Jan 2012 I had the removal of the whole cervix and also pelvic lymph nodes removed. This operation was thankfully a success and no other treatment needed. I've had check ups every 6 months since and have been all clear. August 2013 I had sharp shooting pain going up my vagina so sharp it made me jump and very nearly reduced me to tears, also with this pain I had a bit of blood. Throughout the day I had this pain a few times and again the following day with again a bit of blood. Fearing the worse I went to see my gp who gave me an internal and agreed he could see blood but was not sure as to why this had happened. my periods which usually are every 28 days had become further apart and I was 100% not pregnant. Unsure of what was going on my gp referred me back to my consultant. My consultant did a smear which came back clear so sent me for a ultra sound of my overies to check for cysts. Ultra sound was clear of cysts but was told I had a small amount of fluid on one of my overies which could indicate infection, my consultant was not worried by this and said he would see me again in 6 months times but to get in touch if my periods hadn't become regular again. Thankfully the pains became less and my periods returned back to my normal every 28 day cycle. I still on the odd occasion get the sharp shooting pain but again now I'm getting more and more pains but no blood. I had my period roughly 10 days ago and the last 4 or so days have starting to get this vile sharp pains again going up my vagina. can anyone else relate to this? I am feeling a bit lost with what to do and smears and ultra sounds have came bk clear but I feel like obviously something is wrong as this pains are not normal. 

Just read this and didn't want to read and run. I'd go back to your gp or did you have a MacMillan nurse for earlier treatment? Good luck. Karen