Pains lower back

Anyone could advise?

I have noticed bleeding from my Virgina today, also lower back pain and under armpits pains. I finished my chemo radio and brachytherapy in September 2023. I have been quite active recently, with work, moving houses. I am thinking have I over done it.
I have contacted my nurse today she said I might have over done it but said she will speak to my dr. I am worried as I googled the symptoms on internet, which u shouldn’t have done!
Anyone else had the same ? Thank you

Hi @Dona … how long have you had the pains? I just finished treatment 2 months ago and def get random pains when I over exert myself. Hopefully they get back to you about the bleeding. I don’t have much to offer as I’m still fresh off treatment, but I’m glad to reached out to your provider for guidance

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Lower back pain started today, under armpits for 3 weeks now on and off. I didn’t know if might be related to hormones as it all over the place ( the under armpits pain)
I am just worried.
The nurse said she will speak to my dr so hopefully I can see someone soon.

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