pains in kidney/hips in the morning

Hello ladies. As this week has gone on I am less and less able to function in the morning. I am taking 70 MST x 2, maxparacetamol an 1 dexamethasone. I'm drinking plenty. I have an overnight catheter and use a flip flo during the day. From being relatively OK last week I am at the end of my tether. 


I really feel for you, no advice but sending lots of hugs and best wishes.

Hope the doctors can do something for the pain for you

Ali xx

Hi Karen

So, so sorry to read what you are going through and wish I could offer more than words of support.  Sounds like you need to have a chat with your doctor/consultant to see if they can do anything to help you through this.  Perhaps you may need your meds changing?

Keeping everything crossed for you and sending you lots of love & hugs.


Hi Karen,

What a total shit this disease is....I am so sorry you are in so much pain.

It's a hard balance between knocking the pain on the head and been out

of it.Do you have a pain management team?

I hope that you get something ASAP so that you can get on with making

your lovely memories with your family.

I wish I had something to say that would help....I hope that been on here

and getting things of your chest helps.I know for me it does.

Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Big virtual hug

Becky x

Thanks for encouragement and support ladies. It means a lot knowing you are all out there. My family are great but they don't need to hear me whinging on all the time. We are currently in Scotland making memories, so its not all bad. I took an extra dex last night and this morning is better. I'm speaking to my pain care team on Monday so just need to manage til then. Love to you all

Karen x

Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow and Tuesday Karen, hope they get your pain under control and that your chemo goes well.

Sending hugs

Ali x

Since I've come home I've rested up and got my food intake back on track I feel better. Preassessment tomorrow. Chemo number 1 on Tuesday. I'm scared but I'm doing it.

All you brave ladies are my inspiration. You keep me going.

Hi Karen,

I am really pleased comming on here helps you.I don't really have words of wisdom but

I am here to listen.It does make you stronger knowing others have been through the same.

All the very best wishes,good vibes and happy thoughts comming your way.

Becky xx

Hi Karen

Hope all went ok today.  Good luck tomorrow.


Hi Karen

Just wanted to wish you loads of luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you.



hi karen. just wondered how you got on hun. love lea xx

Long day but the carbo and taxol are in. I have to go back in the morning for the avastin. I feel remarkably fine, must be all those positive vibes coming my way ladies!

Glad it went well Karen, have been thinking of you. Good luck for the Avastin tomorrow, hopefully it will go as well.

MRI results for me Thursday, absolutely terrified after what happened last time but I take such inspiration from your strength.

Take care
Ali x

Hi Karen,

Great news that you are feeling well.

Hope you have a good sleep.

Becky x