Pains after hysterectomy and ultrasound

I'm not sure which forum to put it in,so did this one hope this is ok 

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 4 years ago (cancer free) I had biopsy's and letzs done and a colposcopy.

January this year I finally decided to go for the hysterectomy and all went well, (I hope it's ok to put this) whenever I do anything with my partner (sex) it sometimes hurts and it give me really bad problem with my bowels which is making me scared to have sex.

On this one occasion it hurt really bad and I couldnt move or even get up so i spoke to 111 and they told me to go a&e because I was in agony and they could hear how bad it was which I did and they eventually called a gynaecologist to come and check and he said about a prolapse to which I said I'd had a hysterectomy and all my cervix,womb ect had gone and that the top of my vagina wall had to be removed due to endometriosis and stated all I had was my ovaries and he said that I had a cyst that was coming through prolapsing,he sent a request off for me to have a emergency ultrasound done of my pelvic area due to it being a Sunday they couldn't do it and said I would get my results quite quick with my history again.

i had my ultrasound done in the 26th July and hadn't heard nothing so I rang my doctors to see if the results was in and they said they wasn't but to give A&E a ring as they requested it and maybe able to tell you more to them get told that I had to speak with the doctor ect, so I rang back the doctors and explained what I was told and they spoke to the doctor and the come back on the phone and said the results are in but we can't see them and that the doctor has to tell me the results in a weird way which got worried,they said to ring tomorrow for a appointment but I have work all day (bus driver) and my breaks are a bit weird and with everything going on it has to be a telephone appointment and they ring between certain time,so said I will have to ring Monday to book one,which means I have to wait till then to get results. 

Now will all that I'm so worried that it bad news with the way they said the doc has to give me the results. 

can anyone please help me to understand if this is the normal way of doing it and if this has happened to you to or could it be something they have found which could be bad,I'm just so worried that it could be bad and don't really have anyone to talk to about it.

im so sorry for the long rambling post :( 




Hello Jodie

I'm sorry to hear how worried you are and also that no one has replied to your post. I can't really answer your question other than to say that I think that it is hospital policy not to give results over the phone if the person on the phone is not the one who requested the tests; so what I mean is only the doctor who did the test can authorise the release of the results so whoever you spoke to is not allowed to give you information over the phone. I know it's frustrating having to wait but it's important to make the appointment. The Jo's Trust helpline is useful if you need someone to talk to and MacMillan also has a really good helpline. You could also try contacting your GP to see if they can chase up the hospital results on your behalf and offer you support. I hope this gets sorted for you soon.