Painful tampon removal

Hi guys. So I’ve been having spotting for a while nor heavy always thought of it as a reminder me period was due. So…seeing gyno on Wednesday as I need a smear and docs won’t do it. Also had non symptomatic thrush…for months and nothings treating it. Got my period and popped in a tampon no problems. On removal it was very painful…I had a little fiddle to investigate and it seems the pain is coming from behind the cervix…kinda like what is attaches to the cervix at the back…hard to explain sorry…

I’m obviously thinking the worse and thinking oh God if I do get cc has it spread now beyond the cervix…

Or is it just painful and tender as I’m on my period…I have no idea.

Pls she’d some light on meeeee xx

Please try not to worry although easy for me to say I know. 

it could be so many things, infection , cervical erosion which isn't cancer by the way alone with many other things. 

Take care