Painful smears test told couldnt find my cervix

I am 27 and have had a smear test before and have had IUDS so have a speculum used before however today I went for my screening and the nurse said she couldn’t find my cervix? Is this normal I have never heard of this before and she arranged another test in 2 weeks with a doctor?

I do however find these painful as I struggle with painful sex sometimes does anyone have any advice on how to make this easier as I get so anxious and nervous each time I have a panic attack basically?

Hello i also struggle with painful smears.
1st one of the reasons your cervix might not have been visable, is your uterus might have been retroverted which can also change the angle your cervix sits. Your uterus can change position without any cause so doesn’t mean anything else is going on.
Second how to handle painful smears, I actually go to the colposcopy unit for all my smears. Because I find that being in a proper gynaecology chair is much more comfortable and easier to relax in. Also because it’s either a colposcopist or gynaecologist whose doing it who look at vaginas and cervix’s every single day they’re generally better at dealing with those of us who have either pain or anxiety around smears/exams. They can even offer gas and air if you need it too as they’re anyway equipt with it. When I get my smear reminders now I call the gp surgery and ask them to refer me to colposcopy at the hospital and just explain that I get pain with all my smears and it’s just easier there. After my first one I’ve not had any issues getting referred for the smears. Also don’t forget to take pain killers before, and/or take a friend to talk to to keep your mind off it as much as you can.

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