Painful Smear

Last year I had 1a1 and had 2 lletz for treatment. They got it all and then my 6 monthly smear came back with mild changes. I had a colposcopy and he saw nothing. Did a biopsy. Results came back no cin or cancer.

Today I went for my next 6 monthly smear and it was a little painful. She said my cervix is really tender and she hopes she got enough cells!!! Also she asked sis I have a biopsy last time....... what does that mean? Now I am scared again. I hate this whole process!



I'm sorry for all you've been through, especially with added stress of a smear saying one thing and a colposcopy showing another. The stress and worry can be overwhelming, and I really hope you get your latest smear results soon (and that they got enough cells). Waiting for test results is so difficult. 

I don't know if it's any hep but since I had LLETZ I've have painful smears and bleed each time they mess about with me. Admittedly in my case I do still have an ongoing CIN issue, but the first smear I had the nurse mentioned scar tissue and that this could be making my cervix more sensitive. Since my second treatment my cervix is mega sensitive, and even applying the stains they use during colpsocopy is painful. So it may just be down to the effects of the two LLETZ you've had and not anything else. 

Take care and wishing you all the best.

All clear!!!