Painful smear test !!!

I had my 2nd smear today . Which was painful . When the nurse opened the thing they insert into you ( sorry I don’t know the propper name for it ) lol . My first was one fine felt nothing . But it came back abnormal. which I had to have colposcopy and some cut away !. So could this effect why it hurt this time ? … Also I haven’t had sex in couple of months could this be why .

Thank you

Hi there

It could be indirectly - you may have had some discomfort because you were a little nervous and tensed up, which will make inserting the speculum (the thing they put inside you so that they can see what they're doing) a bit uncomfortable.

I don't know how you found the LLETZ but at the end of the day you've gone through people prodding your lady garden about and it might have left you a little jumpy when it comes to that sort of thing. I had never had any trouble with smears before my LLETZ last year, but the 6 month check was the first time it was a bit uncomfortable, and I think that's just because I was anxious.

I am told that they sometimes have a smaller speculum and you can ask them if that's possible if the normal one is hurting you

hope that helps