Painful Sex

Hi Ladies


can anyone recommend anything helpful for making intercourse less painful, my skin feels as though its on fire,

it's like having a burn on your hand and when it gets hot its really painful.

I had radiotherapy and brachy therapy about 18 months ago (Still suffering!)

I've tried all the usual jells and creams, is there such a thing as a cream that numbs the area?


Thanks, any help welcome xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKiss

Hi brocks, you could go to your gp to discuss the problem and see what they suggest. Without going into too much detail it's very important that you are 'ready' both mentally and physically. Our poor husbands/partners have to go through this with us and it's great if you have a supportive man. Your GP may ask to do a few swabs to rule out Thrush etc. Luv shaz xx

are you using replens?Itsverygoodand keeping your vagina permenantly lubricated, use it 3 times a week. There is a gel called instillagel, which is used to numb the ureter before flexible cystoscopy, which you may be able to get on prescription ,as well as the replens.