Painful screening, discharge and pelvic pain


I’m new here and have some questions that I don’t want to ask good old Google…apologies for the long post!

A little bit of background first.
I had my first screening at 24yo (they sent my letter 6 months before I was 25, so jumped at the chance to get it that little bit earlier) I had been getting lower pelvic nad back pain for a while but scans on my ovaries shown nothing.

Anyway, it came back I had high grade dyskariosis and hpv positive and off I went to colposcopy for a biopsy. Came back CIN2/3 with hpv. So then had Llettz a few weeks later, they removed about an oxo cube size of my cervix. (I’m guessing this is probably about average size :woman_shrugging:)

Any who, I then went onto have 6month checks, then onto yearly checks. All hpv positive, no cell changes and the pelvic and back pain seemed to disappear, not sure if it was to do with the dodgy cells or hot but just glad it went. :raised_hands: so got put on a 3 yearly one…at the time I got told I had alot of discharge. But got told it could be down to being on the pill (been on it since I was 16)

But then after the 3 yearly I got out back on yearly because I still had hpv and the pain had started to come back in my lower pelvis and back. But my pelvis pain was quite intense.

Fast forward one year I’m now 31yo and just had my first yearly screening after my 3 yearly one (hope that makes sense) and again they said I had alot of discharge and asked me if it was normal for me. I said that the nurse 3 years ago told me the same thing but it’s not something I have ever noticed before. But this screening was also the most painful I have had (never really bothered me the other ones I’ve had, expect the numbing needle for the llettz) made my eyes water, had cramps afterwards and even had some bleeding a few hours after, not at the time of the swab but later on that evening. And not due my period as I’m like clockwork with being on the pill.

Just a little concerned, but I know it could of been the nurses technique. She didn’t seem worried or concerned about the discharge or the pain I was in.

But my questions are. Has anyway else had any similar experiences?
Anyone else had a painful screening experience?
Anyone else been told anything about too much discharge?
Anyone had pelvic and lower back pain?

Thanks for reading.

K xx

Hi, I don’t really have any advice for you but wanted to reach out because I am in a similar boat.

I’m 31 too-I had an abnormal smear 3.5 years ago, high grade changes and had the LLETZ. Following the treatment I had 6 month check ups and then back to 3 yearly- my 3 yearly one was today.

I found it very painful and uncomfortable which is new for me- it hasn’t been painful previously. The nurse commented on this and also commented there was a lot of discharge- she did say it could be a number of things including thrush which could explain the increased discharge and feeling more sensitive/feeling the pain more. After she was done she said there was some bleeding that might continue for an hour to so.

Obviously I don’t know what my results are yet as to whether there is anything more serious going on again, but just wanted to share in case it helps to know it does happen to others. Hope everything is okay for you I feel a bit shaken up after all really xx


Thank you for your reply :blush: Its makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one going through this. I hope all your results come back swiftly and are OK for another 3 years :crossed_fingers:

The waiting for the results makes me anxious, like I know I’m like 99% sure everything will be fine, but I always have that niggling 1% that thinks otherwise.

I do believe it was more than likely down to the nurses technique that caused the pain and bleeding, but was just concerned as it was the first time I happened. As for the discharge, I’m not sure what it could be :woman_shrugging: but as long as my cervix and myself is healthy I guess it’s OK. I can live with it, again just curious why.

Here’s waiting for a few weeks for results! :crossed_fingers:X

Hi al123,

Did you get your results back yet? Hope you did and you odnt feel too shaken up by it now.

Mine came back hpv positive and borderline changes and been invited back to colposcopy :woman_facepalming: just waiting for a date for this.

My GP had literally done or sending me for every test which is good as she doesn’t have to.

For the discharge I had swabs to check for any infection - all came back clear, so who knows why I have alot :woman_shrugging:

Had blood tests (not sure if FBC or CBC) - she just wanted to check everything was fine and they have all come back normal.

Urine test - normal

Waiting for an ultrasound scan for pelvic pain - the pain got that bad that I had to go to hospital as they thought it was my appendix! Because my ultrasound was so long ago she wants to check nothing has chnaged.

K x