Painful positions?? Detail.

Hey ladies, I will apologise in advance but as this is the only place I seem to get answers I thought it worth a try.

I had hysterectomy on 8th June, recovery has been fine, started having sex again at 9-10 weeks after, all was fine until one night (after a few wines) we got a bit adventurous. My partner being behind me it was ok at first but it felt like he was hitting something? And it hurt we stopped immediatel but I was in a lot of pain in my lower belly and also bled a little. The pain seemed to travel up my back and neck but don't know whether that was from me sitting on edge of bed holding myself stiff coz of pain?

we tried this position again last week and the same thing happened pain, bled a little and could barely walk until today. I've also had a few cramp like feelings in my women's parts? I'm due back at hospital at 30th and will be mentioning it to them but just wondered if anyone had any info??

i have been fine in myself for a good 4-5 weeks, back in work tomorrow or sex life has slowly picked up to before apart from this incident with on position. i apologise to put it so bluntly and for tmi  


Hi Meg :-)

No such thing as TMI here :-) This is a safe place where we can talk about everything :-) I think you'll probably find that in that position he goes in a bit deeper than face-to-face and since your hysterectomy has probably removed a little bit of the top of your vagina it is now most likely a little shorter than it was before. I guess he's just hitting the end but a good idea to mention it when you are back at the hospital just to make sure.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Meg,

I'm still waiting to try out my shortened vagina... Sorry to hear about this, it sounds difficult and yes what Tivoli said! Also I have had good experiences with osteopaths who can be very good at helping with and explaining those sort of travelling pains, if it's something that the Dr isn't so knowledgable about. It's not normally an NHS thing though, 

all the best! mitch

I had lots of my vagina removed and it is now very short. the first time I hsd sex was worrying and I did 'bottom out' but it got better. Have you tried going on top? Then you can control depth of penetration. Arousal (and therefore stretch ability) is so mental as well as physical so you may now be subconsciously tightening in this position because you are scared oit will happen again. If you're going to try that position again maybe wait til you are beyond horny and be the one to initiate it? Hope you get it sorted......