painful no 2s

Hey all. U have 3 more radios left ti go but tbh im in agony going to loo :(( . I feel like fainting it's that bad. Ive been in tears this morning been up all night on and off the bleedin loo. Hiw long after the treatments finished does the pain subside? :((

Hello lbooker, I had 25 sessions radiotherapy and didn't experience the pain you  describe, just a little discomfort.    There has to be some treatment for this, as the regularity with which you  have  bowel movements may increase due to radio. therefore  you will have continued pain. Definately mention it to the radiographer who should arrange for the doctor to see you that day to prescribe  somenthing. I think it's called proctitis, inflammation of the  back passage.  You don't have to suffer this! 

Hope this helps.



Thankyou Sharon, u mentioned it last week and they put me on tramadol. I will have another word today as its so painful. There is light at the end if the tunnel though it's nearly finished :) ..lea xx

Aw no I feel so sorry for you and have lots of sympathy as I too suffered terribly with this! To be honest it was the worst part of the whole thing and I can honestly say that! The only thing that worked for me was as months course of prednisalone suppositories and now that they have  finished an anaesthetic gel called instillagel. I'm almost 3 weeks post treatment and to be honest it's only settling now. You really must see the doctor to get something for this as its an awful thing to suffer. X

Remember the toilet problems but they quickly subsised after the RT stopped so good luck x


Thanks guys. Well yesterday they gave me instillagel and it is such a relief..things can only get better now xx

Ooh it's blooming horrid isn't it?! I had 20 radio sessions & the pain went within a couple of weeks. It does get better, promise xxx