Painful lower back post rad hyst

I had a rad hyst about 3 1/2 months ago. The past couple of week my back has been breaking. Taking paracetamol and ibruprofen daily but doesn’t touch it. Should I be worried? (or more worried) First proper check up mid Jan.

It's prob nothing to worry about but if it persists call your CNS. I have a 3 week rule and if something is still bothering me after that then I call them. I had back pain which lasted this long and they checked me out with an MRI to be on the safe side. It was nothing and disappeared. We can still damage our backs just as easily as anyone, it's just that our minds jump straight to more sinister reasons for pain. Def call your CNS though, even if just for peace of mind xxxxx

Hi Melanie :-)

Most of us who have had a rad hyst tend to try to protect our poor scarred abdomen by putting more strain on the spine. I imagine that you need to re-learn to allow your abdominal muscles do more work than they have been post-surgery. You most likely need to do some exercises to strengthen the muscles in both your front and your back to get back into an even balance.

Be lucky :-)

 Hi Melanie,

 I had a radical 6 months ago and I had back pain but think it was me  trying to protect my tum. I've started back at the gym and although somethings I can't do I'm finding yoga and pilates is helping strengthen my core and back.  But only do it when your consultant gives consent.  I've had a few tellings off doing the run before I can walk thing. 

Stay well x

I have been researchimg this myself as been having lower back pain and in my research came across sciatica look it up. There is a link apparently x

Hi, I haven't had a hysterectomy but I have had chemo, radiotherapy and bracatherpy and I get a lot of back ache. I had it before all of this but it's gotten a hell of a lot worse since I went through treatment and after treatment - I still get it now.

I don't take pain killers for it as they never work and never have done for me so I use a hot water bottle be careful and don't put it directly on your skin as it causes burns - I have them on my stomach as proof.

Some ladies have said they've had stress trauma or something I don't really know what it is but it's nothing major apparently. I get really bad back ache if I have been on my feet too long or I am carrying heavy bags so I keep sitting down and resting if I am out shopping and I have started to do online food shopping to try and help.

I don't know if this is any use to you

Forgot to put that I had back ache throughout my treatment and all my scans came back as being clear for the cancer spreading (the treatment was working) so hopefully this will help put your mind at ease :-)