Painful glands under arms and neck

i was wondering if this could have anything to do with cc? :( 

Hey spiros, I have read a few of your posts and I think you really need to talk to someone. It is clear you are extremely anxious at the moment and soyit may be wise to speak to macmillan or maybe the docs to air your concerns. I hope you are well x

Hi there,


Just to second what Serenity has said, you really are tying yourself up in knots here. I honestly do know how difficult it is to not just assume the worst, but start to present symptoms as well and convince yourself of all sorts of unpleasantness. Do you have CBT support or similar? If so, I'd really suggest talking with them ASAP as it is very easy to get yourself to a bad place very quickly indeed if you are comparing yourself to and preparing yourself for worst case scenarios. 

Perhaps worth thinking on there being a much greater chance of you not having CC - even with symptoms xx

When I was waiting to results I would get really bad backs/sore neck swollen glands the works but it was because I was so tense!! I echo what the others say and by the sounds of it if they can't see it it will be very small so symptom wise you wouldn't expect the glands under arms and neck to be swollen. I mean never say never but I think it is highly unlikely it is linked to cc. did you have the symptoms before you started having all these tests? If not, and be honest with yourself, it will be down for stress. Your body and mind has a great way of inventing symptoms to make you worry. 



I do have cbt currently and I'm really sorry if my posts are showing my anxiety. There are people who deserve more with there problems. I hope I haven't offended anyone by the many posts and am very greatful to you all for the advice. 


Well ill wishes to all xxx

No offence at all it is just very clear from your posts that you are dreadfully worried and you do seem to be torturing yourself, so really I think we are all just concerned for the obvious pain you are putting yourself through my dear! Good to hear you have CBT - perhaps let your therapist know the tizz you're in?  Honestly I have dealt with HA for quite some time and know the turmoil. Thanks to the abnormal smear I have got myself to a stage where I'm having a full blood count blood test next week - I thought my glands were up as well in spite of the doc saying they couldn't feel anything weird! - and my GP has prescribed beta blockers on top of my antidepressants, so really, I know the pain :)   I think the only thing that helps me is that I am not scared of having the dreaded C word, I'd just rather not (obviously) and become obsessed with 'what ifs' and self-diagnosis, which as you know is utterly exhausting.


Best wishes and feel free to message me if you want/need to xx