Painful bloating and constipation

Hi all, my sister is diagnosed with Cervical cancer stage 3. She just has her hysterectomy done a few weeks ago. She's waiting for her wound to heal up before she can start chemo. However, she's suffering from painful bloating and constipation. She can only burp but not pass gas. She administered suppositories which helped a teeny bit. A hot water bottle to the back helps to relief a bit of pain.

So I need advice as to what can she or can't she eat to alleviate her symptoms? I tried to google for diet and nutrition advice but there's not much to go on. Help, please!


P/s : My first post didn't seem to get posted up so this is my 2nd time trying. If the first went through, my apologies. Didn't mean to spam the forum as I'm new and I'm not sure do the posts need to be admin approved before it got posted up. Thank you.

Hi there sweetheart,

Sorry you didn't get an answer to your question, i hope that hasn't put you off the forum. I had a dreadful time straight after my hysterectomy with my bowel not working as it should. Gentle walking should help and if she's up to it, up and down stairs.

Hope that helps and isn't too late, I've not been around much recently.

Be lucky :-)