Painful 1st period after Lletz

Hi Everyone,

Just looking for a little advice. This week i've had my first period since my Lletz proceedure under GA 4 weeks ago and my god its been painful. The cramps were worse that i've had before (even worse than the cramps I had in the days after my lletz) and (sorry tmi!) its really uncomfortable to wipe when I go for a wee. The bleeding was just beginning to calm down before I came on and the bleeding wasnt too much heavier than normal.

Has anyone else experienced painful 1st periods?

Thanks xx

Hi love

Just to reassure you that I had a really painful first period - it was horrible!

You will be fine though and my next one was a little painful but much much better

Have a glass of wine and  hot water bottle!



I think thats definitely a good plan!

Thanks :) xx