Hey ladies,

Quick query regarding post lletz. I am 3 weeks post lletz and yesterday I've started having a continuous ache like period pain. Its like constant period pain and when I get up quickly its like a sharp pain. This has only started happening a couple of days ago. Paracetamol isn't touching this pain. I'm still bleeding slightly, no gushes and there isn't any foul discharge etc so it's not an infection. Its just exhausting constantly being in pain... Is this normal?

Thank you girls xxx

Hi Nia42

I had a similar kind of experience. I had almost no pain or bleeding after my cone biopsy, but then 6 weeks later began to have constant cramps in my stomach like you describe.

it went again after a further 3 weeks or so. If you're at all worried, don't hesitate to call your GP for reassurance.