Pain :-(

Hi I have abnormal cells and high risk hpv. The gynae says no need to treat at present And will repeat smear in 6 months. The last few days have had bad cramps in my cervix and a yellow offensive diacharge. Anyone else with these 2 things have pain? 

Hey, did u recently see a gynaecologist? Reason I ask is because if you've just had a colposcopy and a biopsy or even just a colposcopy appointment. Then they use iodine solution on your cervix which would explain the yellow discharge and maybe even the cramps. But if you saw the gynae a while ago then this obviously isn't the reason. I think you need to go to your gp as obviously this isn't right. If it smells offensive sounds like you've got an infection so definitely go to the gp And they will do swabs to rule a few things out. Good luck xxx

Hi I was seen at colposcopy clinic but he just had a better look. No biopsies and as far as I know no staining used. It was 4th march. The gp did swabs which were all clear for infection. I also have an erosion which could explain the discharge I suppose. It's more the pain I'm concerned about. Through the night aswell as the cramps there has been sharp shorting pains iny cervix

I'm not sure then, I think you need to go back to the gp to be honest. 6 months wait to see the gynae is a long time especially if your in pain. Good luck x

Yeah prob best! Thanks. I c ur waiting for results? Nerve wracking! 

Yh I'm waiting for my lletz biopsy results which I'm sure will be ok. They will just check that the same of cervix they took away contained all the bad cells. Il be honest with you I'm not too worried, many many ladies on here have been diagnosed with CC and 6 weeks later they get the all clear. I'm not saying it would be easy but I think that the way the hospitals deal with it all is brilliant and really fast moving. Think positive :) xxx

Hi there,

I second going back to your GP. One of my only symptoms was a pale yellow discharge that I put down to incontinence! I didn't have any pain, well some lower back pain. Go back to the GP and get seen even if it is for your own reassurance.

hi clare,

sorry to hear you're having probs. Its horrible being in pain, I know i have been in agony since january and munching paracetamol like smarties. i do however also have the constant bleeding which started back in november so i know what youre going through. Ive just been diagnosed with stage 3 CC and have to have chemo and then radio and chemo along with brachy at the end which i start on friday and am cacking myself knowing all the side effects. anyway i find the pain is eased best by sitting in a bath, even a shallow one just covering your lower back, im guessing the buoyancy of the water relieves the pressure of your cervix. Albeit you probably dont have anything sinister but there are other reasons for pain, discharge etc. i think endometriosis and cycsts can cause it, defo go back to the gp though and if so exaggerate the pain so they do something more than just palm you off. if it is something nasty you need to catch it early!! mine developed in a year after i had my DD which is surprising as i thought it was a slow growing disease. Sorry to worry you if i have but please go back and be sure, best wishes xxxx