Hi, I'm wondering if anyone experiences severe pain during cervical procedures? 

I've had 2 x Mirena coils fitted and passed out with the pain each time. I find smear tests painful and not just uncomfortable and I experienced a lot of pain when I had my biospy done too.

The results of the biopsy showed CIN3 cells and I was referred for LLETZ. I didn't have it done at my first appointment because I wanted to ask questions about the procedure and I usually take very strong painkillers to get me through. These make me very drowsy and as I wanted to be wide awake to ask questions I wasn't prepared to go through with the LLETZ on the first appointment.

I was assured by the clinician that I wouldn't feel any pain if I was given Entenox and a local anaesthetic. I advised her of the pain I'd felt in the past and why I was so nervous of having the procedure done because I didn't feel this had been taken into consideration before. She advised me that I wouldn't feel a thing. 

I went for the procedure yesterday without taking my usual painkillers as I believed the Entenox and local anaesthetic would work. It was clear quite early on that they weren't working and I was in a great deal of pain. I was actually sobbing but told to 'calm down' and to stop hyperventilating. After 3 lots of local and 15 minutes of Entenox, the procedure was abandoned and I was told I'd have to have it done under general anaesthetic. Aside from the nurse's appalling treatment of me (she walked out of the room and never came back to check on me), I now feel thoroughly traumatised over the pain I experienced. 

I was made to feel like I was making a fuss over nothing and I'd really like to know if anyone else has experienced this. I've never had a problem with going to the dentist (which the nurse asked me) or in having blood taken. I'm generally quite a robust patient but anything to do with my cervix makes me climb the walls!

I'd be really grateful to hear from anyone that has had something similar.


Thank you!

Hi Vixx42 

I have a low pain threshold when it comes to internal pain. Tattoos and piercings are fine but smears or even dentist really hurts me. 

I went for my first smear at my doctors early May and it was horrific she seemed to have a 1 size fits all speculum and she just jammed that bad boy up there! I was crying and it hurt for a day after. 3 weeks later I got a letter to say it was high grade and that I needed a colonoscopy. 

I called the hospital before this 1 to ensure it was a lady doing the procedure and 2 to explain I cant tolerate the pain. They said it wasnt painful just uncomfortable and advised me to take some over the counter pain relief 20 mins before my appointment. 

The colonoscopy was pain free and not bad at all however the punch biopsy was incredibly painful and I nearly pushed the speculum out of me as I moved too much. This procedure left me so sore for days after. With what I can describe as period pains ( I havent had a period for 10 years due to being on depo injection at 15) so it's hard to remember what the pain was like. 

A few weeks after this they confirmed it was CIN 3 and needed a LLETZ, I was terrified and more fool me I watched a Utube video of the procedure. This time I forgot to request a lady doctor but got a Male consultant surgeon this time. He was very gentle how caught a lip down there which lead to a huge scream. The worst part was the 2 rounds of internal anesthetic after that I couldn't feel a thing and was over in seconds. It took longer to put the pain relief in than cutting the bad bits out. 

After this I had discomfort but not pain, I had no bleeding or discharge at all for 7 days......then the pain kicked in and that was yesterday I have been in agony every since. I went to the hospital this morning and they have confirmed I have an infection. 

Sorry for the long post but i do feel your pain (literally) dont let anyone tell you that you are over reacting and that other woman dont have pain,your body is unique we all feel pain differently all I would suggest is pain relief before going in and have your partner or close friend in there with you to hold your hand and distract you. 

Hope this helps x