Pain when going toilet

Hi, I am just over 3 months post op of a radical hysterectomy for stage 1b. I am finding that when I go for a wee and sometimes the other, I am in a lot of pain. It feels like cramp down there and seems to be worse when my bladder is full like when I get up in the night to go. Sometimes I have to make myself stop and wait for the pain to pass.

I had assumed this was down to things healing? Is this something others have had and how long does it last?


I don't have experience of this exactly having had a trachelectomy recently and not a hysterectomy but what I will say is that before my surgery I was a 'I'll wait till I get home' kind of girl. After my surgery I need to go all the time and when I do it's quite painful. Probably moreso with me, like you said, I find that if my bladder is full it really hurts and I'll have to wait a minute if it's in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning as it feels so uncomfortable.

I guess it could be a heightened sense of your body but I like to think I'm usually one to get on with things and not find too many niggles unless they're really obvious so my only assumption is it must be a side effect of everything healing down there! 

Hope everything other than that is going well for you! Xx

Hi, I am 9 months post hysterectomy and still getting some pain when emptying bladder.For me it's more of a sharp stabbing pain as I empty my bladder and I can also get pain during a bowel movement. It feels like it is something internal rather than just a urine infection (though consultant still insisted I get checked for that too!) he has said it's probably just nerve/muscle related but I have had an ultrasound which came back clear 2 months ago and also had MRI yesterday just as a precaution so waiting for those results but I'm fairly sure it's not anything sinister but consultant wanted to cover all bases.

I think if in doubt contact your specialist nurse and explain symptoms and they will be able to advise you.  That's what I did and she got me an appointment with the consultant fairly quickly.

Take care


Thank you both for replying. I have a also mentioned this in a hysterectomy group I am in and a couple of ladies have said they also have this problem. I'm not going to worry to much but I will mention it at my next appointment which is soon.


I was the same, could hold my bladder for ages, definatley not now! Good luck on your results, fingers crossed for you xx

I'm sure you scan results will be good, I've got my fingers crossed for you xx

I'd go the doctors with a urine sample as this can also be an infection as I get pain when I go for a wee and it's a pain that goes up inside of me and makes me shake it's that bad and I suffer, almost on a monthly basis  a water infection. It's also better to catch it early as i have been hospitalised many times because of this.

its always better to rule things out now than to wait x