Pain weeks after colposcopy and symptons

Hi I had my colposcopy two weeks ago.

My back has been aching ever since and also get on and off pains in pelvic area. 

I don’t believe I really had these symptons beforehand. I don’t have discharge or fever. 

Has anyone else had this?


My story...

I went private to check if my gp had checked for everything and they hadn’t. They said they should of referred me for a colposcopy because of the bleeding after sex.

My smear tests have always been fine, no action needed. I have a cervical ectropian which bleeds on contact so they have always said it’s because of this and that I need to change to go on the coil. I kept getting dismissed.

I bleed slightly after sex for about a year now. I have had spotting in between periods for about 4 years. Changed contraception from being on the pill to depo injection, but then took cerelle pill to stop abnormal bleeding which helped. I recently got diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries so not sure if the abnormal bleeding was because of this? I just stopped taking the pill about 4/5 days ago and now bright red spotting has started. Planning on coming off all contraception. 

I am meant to have my colposcopy results now, I chased and the doctor said they only have part of the results back and need to wait for the rest to come back before they can comment. 

When I had the colposcopy the doctor said my cervix is inflamed and bleeds when touched. It took her longer than usual to stop the bleeding. 


I had a lletz procedure at the beginning of May and i recovered pretty quickly, bleeding and discomfort took about 3 weeks to resolve.

I had a second lletz 2 weeks ago (top hat lletz) and I’ve definately been sorer this time. More cramping and bleeding. I’m aware they took quite a large piece of cervix this time so I’ve put it down to that.

I think it’s quite normal to feel like you do,and everyone is different so recovers slightly differently.

Good luck for your results xxx


I had no bleeding or pain after my first LLETZ.  Had my 2nd LLETZ on Monday and it was a lot more painful than the first one.  I am bleeding this time, although it has calmed down a lot since yesterday and I am very crampy and sore.  Can feel it in my lower back as well.  Think it is all normal, I hope so anyway x

Today I am experiencing some grey to black discharge, is this normal?  It’s not heavy but quite frightening to see. I don’t recall having it the first time round.  Im really not sure what is normal and what isn’t anymore x

Hi Dee 

Ive seen a few ppl mention black/grey discharge or bleeding with black/grey bits in. It’s the scabs coming off from the procedure,they use a diathermy to seal any bleeding bits and this makes the area blackish in colour.

I have to say I’ve not had a massive amount of black but did have a little bit this time.


I’m still waiting for my colposcopy results, will be 3 weeks tomorrow. They said they have part of the result back when I chased last Monday but said they can’t comment yet as they need it all. Not sure what to think :(

I had my first lletz on the 1st April and didn’t get my results/diagnosis until the 13th May so was a 6 week wait.  I wasn’t expected to go back as consultant said he would see me in 6 months.  I had no idea was was coming until he actually gave me my diagnosis.  Hope you hear soon, the waiting was the worst x

I was the same Dee, not expected to be back for 6 months following first lletz then 8 days later diagnosis! 

Follow up appointment tomorrow after 2nd lletz,so fingers crossed.

Hope you get your appointment soon too xxx