Pain relief

Mum has advanced cancer and has been suffering lower back pain. She’s not long had a kidney stent put in as her kidney wasn’t draining properly and had sepsis.
In hospital she had liquid morphine which helped initially but didn’t seem to be helping over the days.
She’s not slept properly in months due to it. She’s tried lots of different pain relief and was discharged from hospital and told to take paracetamol for the pain which doesn’t touch it.
I know everyone has different pain thresholds but my mum is a tough cookie and if it hurts it hurts.
Yesterday she said she may as well give up if it’s going to be constant pain. We are trying to convince her to call gp to see what pain relief they can give her. She hates drs hence didn’t see the drs till the cancer was at a late stage.

Has anyone had any experience with bad back pain above the bum? What help did u get and where from?

Hi Jane,

I have extreme lower back pain and tried quite a few pain killers before finding the right one. I’m now on Zomorph which is a slow release morphine tablet that i take twice a day. I also have liquid morphine to top it up but rarely use that as makes me too sleepy and wears off very quickly. I only have very mild pain now I’m on those tablets so definitely worth asking for.


Also to add…she should be able to speak to the pallative care team at her hospital. They finally got me on the right pain relief and were so much more helpful than my GP.

A lot of people have mentioned palliative team on here. Who is this? Is this the cancer consultant she sees? The GP has given her liquid morphine and has said that if that doesn’t help she can have morphine tablets which are stronger last 12 hours but don’t act as quickly as the liquid morphine.

Thank you for your reply xx

Hi Jane

Her cancer specialist nurse should be able to give you their number - or even phone the hospital switchboard and ask to be put through. They help those with advanced cancer (and other conditions) with pain management and other things.

The 12 hour tablets are what im on and found them so good for my pain.