Pain post radiotherapy


I had a 6 week course of radiotherapy which ended in 2010. Apart from the expected and still present upset stomach and tiredness, all went well. In June last year I got a tingling in my legs which then also progressed to pain running from my back to my hips and upper legs, and the occasional feeling of muscle weakness. After several visits to my doctor and further scans (which showed nothing) I was diagnosed with nerve damage, which was my initial belief from searching the internet. Apparently this side effect is pretty rare.

I am now on tablets (gabapentin and a host of pain killers) which have lessened the pain/tingling but it is still with me daily. I tried acupuncture (they put the needle in the most painful area and I felt sick so I stopped this). I have been sent to a pain clinic and am awaiting further scans (they are unsure it is nerve damage but my doctor and I still believe this is so).

I was wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and how they are coping. Does anyone know of anything else to help with the pain? I am really grateful for the life saving treatment received but I would love if possible to reduce the painkillers and get some of my old life back. Walking and sleeping are a nightmare!

Best wishes. Fran x

hi Fran

 I developed very similar symptoms to what you describe only mine started with tingling in my feet near the end of my chemo. I'm on progalblin and painkillers too but still deal with pain from my lower back all through my left leg. unfortunately I've no further answers than you've 'm given already but sometimes it helps to know you're not alone. it can be very frustrating when I can't do things like run round with my kids but like u said we r here to complain about it. if you get any further advice I would b v interested as 10 months on I'm still no further forward.


wishing you all the very best & sending you lots of hugs

 nic xxx 

Hi Nic

Thank you so much for replying. Like you say, it helps to know you are not alone which was how I was feeling. I’ll send an update once I hear more. I’ve been told nerve damage is hard to test for so they are checking for other possibilities to rule these out. The pain clinic are also organising the loan of a Tens machine which I’ve been told may help, though I know nothing about these at the mo.

I hope you find something to help you further. There must be some answer out there!!!

All the best to you

Fran xx

Hi Fran,

You might want to google the Pelvic Radiation Disease association...if you are on facebook, there is a link to the support page...

Ceri xx