Pain one week after biopsy

Hello everyone
I just wondered if anyone knew anything about pain following biopsy. I had lleep about 10 years ago, and am now potentially back in the same situation…

I went for a colposcopy and biopsy last week.
It didn’t look good and since the biopsy I still have pain. Is it normal to have this sharp pain one week after biopsy?

Hi, you may have an infection, I had back and pelvic pain for weeks after my biopsy, I had four taken, I called my GP who arranged swabs and was given antibiotics. I’d give your surgery a call to rule this out x

Thanks So much Leigh, I’m going to contact them on Monday as soon as they’re open, it’s getting too sore :frowning:

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Im so sorry you had such pain and hope you are more comfortable now xxx

Are you in the UK? Where I am the unit give you an out of hours ward number to contact if you’ve any concerns after the procedure, failing that 111? Don’t leave it til Monday, it’s bad enough waiting without having pain to worry about as well x

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