Pain on 5th day after lletz

Hi has anyone experienced severe pain 5days after lletz. Pain came on all of a sudden internal pain felt from the cervix must been it was very severe lasted 5to 10mins the slowly lessened but still there and a very heavy dragging feeling now and more cramping in tummy

hi @Smear

we all experience things differently so some may have more pain than others, but it shouldnt be a severe pain… it could be the start of an infection, is the pain accompanied by a foul smell or is there any yellowy/green discharge? it may be worth contacting your GP xx

its likely it is an infection, try not to worry it can happen after LLETZ its fairly common you should be given antibiotics to combat it xx

Hi @Smear

So sorry you’re experiencing such pain, this sounds like a potential infection. I had an infection around 10 days post LLETZ and didn’t have the tell tale signs so it was difficult to recognise it, but I did have intense cervix pain (sharp and stabbing) and heavy bleeding that I didn’t have before which prompted me to start a course of antibiotics. Within a few days of taking them the pain subsided. If it’s anything different to how you’ve felt so far I’d reach out to your doctor. Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

Yes I had a slight fever, give your GP/colposcopy team a call they’ll be able to tell you whether you need antibiotics xx

I hope you’re feeling better soon! Try not to worry about the infection, they’re quite common after LLETZ and it should clear up after a few days.

I’m in the same boat as you waiting for results so I totally understand, it’s so easy to let your mind run away with you isn’t it? I’m trying to just control the basics at the moment, eating well, light exercise, 8 hours sleep, limiting stress etc. We’re only human, it’s not the easiest thing to deal with and it’s natural to worry about the unknown just try not to let it consume you. 90% of women don’t need further treatment so the stats are on our side xx

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Were u metronidazole antibiotics. Thanks for replying were you seen about the infection x

I had an infection and was put on the same antibiotics as you! They are very strong x

Yep I was on coamoxiclav which cleared it right up xx

Hi i had lletz 10days ago now and have an infection and now tonight bright red heavier bleeding than before and started antibiotics on Tuesday when will this end fed up and getting weird pain in right leg