Pain medication

Hi I wonder if you girls can advise me on what pain killers you are taking . I'm awaiting results and more scans but I am suffering massively with back pain swollen nodes in the neck and now hip and rib cage pain. I've been given naproxen which isn't helping at all . My doctor also gave me morphine slow release but it doesn't work for some strange reason my doctor is baffled and to why it's just like I haven't taken a thing . I'm really struggling with the outbreaks of pains in my bones and down my arms . Seems like no opiods work I must have a resistance to them for some reason. I'm only taking Co codamol and naproxen but it's not helping for the outbreaks of pain at all and I feel like screaming . Any help please or advise  thanks all .

Hi so sorry to hear your in pain! 

Before my diagnosis I was taking tramodol, paracetamol, ibuprofen all high doses, all together every 2-3 hours a day and even through the night.  When I got my diagnosis I was prescribed morphine (oral) which I was taking between 2.5ml - 5ml every 2 hours as well as the above.  

I hope they can find the right medication to help you.  Take care  xx

Thanks so much for replying . My staging hasn't been confirmed yet took me over two hundred appointments and twenty hospital visits over around three years to find what I had complained so many times about. I know I have Mets and they think too with my symptoms but I have to wait for condition of this as they have to do it all in order! I've tried tramadol too and morphine neither one has no effect when taken orally only when injected when I was admitted in to hospital. I've tried all sorts of nerve pain like gabapentin and all them type but again nothing . Do u take the slow release morphine that's the one I was prescribed that doesn't do anything xx


i work in pharmaceuticals so I can tell you that there are many people who opiates do not help with pain relief. Talk to your dr about a drug called carisoprodol or also known as soma. The names might be a different as I am in Canada but they should know. 

Hope they will help you. Do keep taking the naproxen as it will help with the inflammation. 

all the best. 

Thanks I shall ask about that one. The opiods I find strange as they only work when injected but not when taken orally it's like they are not being absorbed and not getting in to my body if they makes sense. What kind of pain killer is the soma is that an anti inflammatory or a pain killer but not a opioid. It's lovely to talk to people from different places. I'm from the UK xx


this drug is classified as a muscle relaxer but it is a bit different as it blocks pain sensation from the nerves to the brain. It's absorbed differently the opiates so it might work for you. You can always as your dr about a sample pack just to see if it will work for you. I believe this drug is registered with the European Union so you should have access to it. Do talk to your health care professional as I do know this drug helps with major back or spine pain. This is known as a substitute for opiates that don't help people. 

Opaites are absorbed through the small intestine then into the liver where as soma is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract into the blood system. 

Usually malabsorbtion of opiates is genetic which means you are probably not the only one in your family that cannot absorb oral taken opiates. 

There are many drugs on the market that can enter the blood stream differently. Talk to your dr about different pain meds that enter the blood stream differently. Or ask a pharmacist for information to bring to your dr. They usually know more about drugs and new products then most general GP's. 

Let us know how you get on. 

Thanks so much I will make an appointment tomorrow and ask about these. I get really bad involuntary movements when I am resting I don't know why I get them they started around two years ago just with my leg but now I get them literally everywhere head fingers whole body jerks I have never come across anyone with cc who has this problem and neither has my doctor. Would you mind me asking if you know anything about this. My mri brain scan was clear so the cancer is not there so they are baffled . Do you think this drug would help with these movements or do you have any idea what could help with them then are a total nightmare I try n have a glass of wine before bed to try help me sleep otherwise I suffer with these movements for hours before I can sleep. Sorry for all the questions you seem to know more than my doctor ! It isn't due to chemo or anything as I'm still awaiting a plan thanks so much again

Hi again

im not qualified to answer all your questions but these symptoms might not be related to cc. I suggest you keep pushing for answers or appointments with a specialized dr who can investigate things further. 

I personally believe that hormones have a bigger impact on the development of cc when HPV is present. Hormones can also cause many other issues such as seizures and involuntary movements. Do ask about this. 

Good luck. 

Thanks again I shall ask about this as I didn't know that either . I have spent the last two years at the doctors with around 200 appointments and nobody could tell me anything just discharged me and left me to it. Finally got a lovely doc who listened and sent me to another gyne and finally found cc. I have to have different biopsies and pet first before plan is put in place. Thanks very much again for your suggestions I am on with going to see the doctor about he medication you mentioned Hopefully he will know what I'm on about x

I have read all 3 of your posts and I think it is absolutely scandalous that your condition was not picked up 2 years ago. I will pray that if you do have cc it is still at an early stage, but whatever stage it is, the treatments today are very successful. Thinking of you please keep us up to date with your progress x

Thank you so much Katie.  I have had such a touch two years with health professionals drilling in to my parents and husbands head that I'm depressed and anxious I've cried at so many appointments begged for help. Have had to try and lead a normal life with children and hubby and lie about where I was going when I kept going back to the doctors because they told my husband I was wasting their time. Finally it's such a relief to say look I wasn't going mad ! It's all the time waiting now . I've been left with white patches on my tongue lymph nodes raised in my neck bone pains groin pain some of the symptoms are visible and have been for two years. Had one ent specialist say I was actually extraordinary and other doctors say I run to keep fit and I get a pain in my arm but I don't whinge about it it's life ! Trying to get by until everything has been named graded plans done now ......I hope all is well with you Katie x

Shocking how you have been treated and spoken to. When you get your full diagnosis and start treatment take the time to write down everything you have been told, everything they fobbed you off with, all visits to doc's er etc and write down the comments made to you. This illness you have is not your fault, you have done everything to be proactive and get treatment, you have been ignored and spoken to like your an idiot.  I went to the docs with bad indigestion, oh and by the way spotting. he there and then attempted to give me a smear, and it was too painful. I was immidiately referred to hospital, had colposcopy, LETZ under anaesthetic, sent for ct scan mri scan  had 6 weeks radiotherapy, and 4 cisplatin chemo,. I complted treatment 3 months after my first doctorl visit back in 2010. I am still around 7 years later aged 71. Check my old posts for advice on how to help yourself whilst going through treatment, keep your chin up, I am rooting for you, will chek in from time to time to see if you need any help, a chat or just plain old fashioned sympathy x 

Thanks Katie I am going to be getting a copy of all my notes which is actually so many it is going to take time for them to prepare them all ! I will be taking them to court with time or I'm sure sure family will want to. I am there tomorrow for more biopsies and to see if any further tumours . I am very nervous but I'm just wanting them to realise I need these horrendous pains to go away ! I will let you know how it goes thank you very much xx