pain in my lower back

Hey guys since having my RH and after my radiotherapy treatment seems like I've had nothing but bother with health problems so frustrating! I have been to my gp about lower back pain well more a ache...she has booked me in for a scan I'm waiting for the apointmen coming through but my god I'm in agony! I went to the hospital yesterday and the doctor refused to do any further tests.....she assumed it could be a kidney stone the way I was describing the pain and there is trace of blood in my urine but no infection.

How can she assume? And do you think she should have done further test's as I'm in real bad pain...I've been taking regular paracetamol and codine and it's not taking it away! Plz help what should I do? 

Hi Kat,

I'm not sure how long ago you had your RH but the body does take quite a long time to re-set itself. Likely you have had your abdominal wall cut through and to take the strain off that your back has probably taken over much more of the load that your abdomen used to share. I had slipped discs long before I ever had my RH and to help with my back I was trained to make my abdomen take more of the strain, so the reverse is also true.

Your GP sees a lot more cases than you and so it will be her overall experience of lots and lots of bodies that will guide her thinking about what exactly is going on with you. I would suggest you wait for your scan appointment and see what that shows up. Certainly 365days recently had a very similar scare and was incredibly relieved to find that her scan showed a slipped disc and not a cancer recurrence.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kat. 

Yep I've just gone through weeks of worry with back leg pain. End result MRI diagnosed slipped disk.

Your doctor doesn't know what's wrong, that's why they are doing the scan. My first gp was pretty dismissive and said 'it's probably old age' Ive had general back ache befire so knew it was more! Second gp I just went in and said 'im freaking myself out and im convinced it's bone mets!' She said it's posdible!! And ordered an mri.

What I'm trying to say is. Of course it's possible it could be sonething sinister (I hope not) but it's also hugely possible that it isn't. The only way to tell is a scan. So she may be saying 'kidney stones' to offer an alternative for you to google! 

I think egen we have a Cancer history we tend to focus on the 'nasty' things it could be and forget we aren't immune to all the other things life throws at our bodies. I'm over the moon its s slipped disk but it still blooming hurts!! I hope it's kidney stones! That's how crazy life is now that kidney stones and slipped disks are to be celebrated!!

hope you get a scan quick and speedy results. 

Thanks guys well I'm in hospital I got admitted today I've had a scan and it's confirmed it's a kidney stone

They have put me on medication to try and help me pass it myself if not other options are camera or x ray shock waves. I'm so frustrated just when I was getting back on track :'(


Boo hiss for hospital and kidney stone.

hip hip hooray for no recurrence. 


Ra Ra Ra!
Only a kidney stone :-)
Can you have it set in a ring or a pendant perhaps?
Stay lucky :-)

Aww kidney stones must be one of the most painful things, poor you! Hope it resolves quickly for you.