Pain in lower back/ovary region


I recently attended an appointment at my local GUM clinic for an STI examination - everything came back clear from that but I was urgently referred to a gyno since my doctor found a jard rough growth on my cervix. I am also having constant pain in my lower back around or below where your kidneys are and lower stomach around the area where i guess your ovaries are. 

Earlier is week I had an appointment with a gyno oncologist and he examined me front and behind (of which i bled a lot) and he confirmed that in his opinion i have for certain, CC. I felt like i had been served with a death sentance. At 29 I just kept thinking that Im not going to live to see my 30's. very very scary times.

Two days after my meeting with the consultant I have been booked in for a CT scan, MRI scan and Biopsy (where i will have general anesthetic) all in the next week - MEGA FAST! So now im worrying why so fast? Im worrying am i riddled with it and is that why they are acting so fast?

I am a bubbly person, and a strong person with a hell of a lot of support from friends and family and I have decided that I am going to try my all time best to stay positive and fight this thing. Everyone says I will be better when i know the facts and what I am dealing with but more than any treatments or procedures that i will have to say - i am dreading hearing the facts the most!

Can anyone relate to my story? Any advice and did anyone have similar symptoms to me?


Libby xx



Oh honey. Scary times indeed. I can relate to your story for sure. Diagnosed 18th Dec 13 and everything done and dusted and in remission by 21st January.


They will move fast, It is like a horrible rollercoaster with no brakes!!!

You've found the right place in Jo's.

What is your next appointment for? CT scan? There seems to be a pattern that people go through though all hospitals are different. Hang on in there girl and you will get through it. xxx

Gosh you have done so well! Its so inspiring to me to hear people who have been through it and fought it!

Much as it is all so fast, its much better than prolonging it and the sooner its over the sooner i can get myself back to Libby again!

So tomorrow is CT scan then tuesday i have pre-op for Thursdays biopsy and also i have a MRI scan Thursday too. So im hoping my final diagnosis will come soon after! 



I agree with 365days, they do move quick to get it diagnosed nd a treatment plan in place, however the waiting is the most awful time but the ladies on Jo's are fab. I was diagnosed Halloween 2013. Operation done month later and the bugger taken away however I had RT so I officially went into remission in February after it finished. Wishing you GL love. Lea xx

Hi Libby, what an awful week you've had. You sound so strong and positive about it, keep that up, it will get you far!

I'm sure the speed is scary, but its so much better than sitting around waiting and imagining this growing inside you. I hope your scans go ok and you get the treatment you need soon. Will be thinking of you this week xx 

For all my treatment is quick (ive had my CT scan now, got pre-op tomorrow and MRI scan and biopsy under GA on Thursday), my pain is just constant and feeling worse than ever but i am also due on my period so im wondering if this is making my pain worse.

Im having a bit of a bad day today wondering if this pain is a way of my body telling me its very advanced. 

I am so pleased that your in remission Lea Booker! Its inspirational stories like yours that give me hope that i so desperately need at at time like this!

And jjcarnage - hope your treatment goes well on the 3rd December! Will be thinking of you too! xxxx

hi libby my heart has just skipped a beat im new on here,and i am looking for help ive had terriable pain as you have described in my lower back going round my left side in to my stomach for almost 1half yrs now,and peeing blood ,also periods over the last year have,not been regular ive had irregular bleeding to inbetween periods painful sex etc, i have been back and fourth periods lost count of number of times ive been bk and fourth to gp,feel like i was just fobbed off,i went back today to gp and eventually she examined me she said there was sumthink not right she could see on my cervix,i was in total shock my smear is due december so i asked if she could do this for me she refused saying she wanted to refer me urgently to gyno,and wanted to leave well alone,as wants the hosptial to see to me,my gp rang me back later today saying she had sent a urgent fax to hosptial for them to see me and if i dont here from them in 2wks to get back intouch with her,excuse me but i cant wait that long im out of my mind with worry now i just dont no what to think or what will happen,thats a lie i do no what to think and yes im thinking the worst,so my heart goes out to you libbyxx


Hey Lace

Bless you my love I can say hand on heart I know exactly what you are going through. I had the same urgent referral as you from the doctor - that was on Monday 3rd November and I met at the hospital with a Gyno Oncologist on Tuesday 18th November. Prior to this i saw 2 different doctors who said i had like a rough hard growth on my cervix that bled to touch. At the same time ive also got this constant pain i mean i need painkillers every 4 hours its that bad.  Anyway on 18th at my consultation at the hospital i was examined and the consultant said he was almost certain its CC! I had a smear only a year ago and that was totally normal and ive only had the pain for a month or so. I think everyone is different so you cant go thinking oh they had this so mine must be worse. Its all very well me saying this because despite my best efforts in the dark of the night sometimes im thinking the very worst scenarios in my head.

Main thing is your in the right hands now. Once you are under the hospital they will get the ball rolling quickly. You may have to wait a couple of weeks though as believe it or not that is quick! (or so i was told). Once i had my first consultation though ive had a CT scan, pre-op and got my MRI and op to take biopsys in little over a week. Just remember youve made that move to get help and now thats exactly what youre going to get!

Try and keep busy doing normal things and read all of the posts on these forums, they are so inspirational. You will get sorted and you will carry on your life again as normal!

Have faith and lots of luck to you xxx