Pain in leg and swollen lymph nodes

Had my rh inc lymph nodes in March, recovery ok until developed excruciating pain in my left leg about 6 weeks ago. Leg felt heavy and swollen so saw consultant who thought maybe lymphodema but requested a Mri to ensure nothing else going on. Had the Mri on Tuesday, so uncomfortable, ended up in it for 1 hr 20 mins!

My cns called me today to advise no cancer found (I wasn’t even thinking that!) but there is now a swollen lymph node. Originally there was no lymph node involvement so I’m now worried. I have to have another Mri before my next checkup in March 2017 which will be 1 yr since the op.

Doesn’t think it’s lymphodema but I still have the leg pain. As long as I don’t walk too far or climb any stairs I’m ok but something’s causing the pain, it’s like sciatica.

Anyone else had any experience like this?

Hiya :-)

Sorry if this sounds really stupid but could it actually be sciatica? Could you simply have a trapped nerve? Certainly my husband has developed this following weeks and weeks of radiotherapy on his throat. In his case it seems to be a combination of being tired during treatment so not being very active so gaining weight, losing muscle mass and poor posture. Now of course it's difficult for him to go for walks to reverse it all.

Be lucky :-)

hey i know you posted this a while ago but I'm getting the same heaviness in my legs and difficulty with stairs. I was just wondering did you get sorted with your problems? Worried it's lympodema! I already have issues with my hips and can't face having anything else going on when I'm supposed to be back up normal now lol! 

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