Pain in abdomen 4 months post radical hysterectomy

I have had a really awful pain in my abdomen next to my right hip for a few months now its a real stabbing pain , my gp fast tracked me back to oncology but he didnt even examine me and said I'd probably torn a muscle , so fast forward another month and my gp fast tracks me back again and he finally has a feel and then said we will get an ultrasound done , but he can't feel anything , I have been told the ultrasound will be 5weeks , so I contacted my cancer nurse who is trying to get it moved earlier. Any ideas what this pain could be? It's driving me insane! Thankyou x

Hi, sorry it has taken a while for anyone to respond.

I think the difficulty is that none of us is qualified to guess what it is really. All I do know is that after abdominal surgery, your insides get a little 'sticky' and you can get adhesions where bits stick together. Mostly we don't even know we have them, but sometimes thean an cause pain or other problems. You have done absolutely the right thing by getting it checked out so they can help you.

hope it is all sorted soon xxx