Pain following laser treatment


Just wondered if any one has any advice. Had colposcopy two weeks Thursday due to anxiety attack unable to take biopsy but felt small amount of activity cin 2/3.

Had laser treatment and biopsy under general anathsetic last friday, consultant spoke with me before procedure so didnt fully take everything in but in short said not cc and would take out cells and will get called for smear in 6 mnths, no mention had been made about me getting results before then? Is this normal?

In terms of recovery I haven't had any bleeding, is this good? But having other side effect that I wasnt expecting, has anyone else felt bloated and full of gas? And instead of cramps I was told to expect im getting stabbing pains that feels more near my right ovary?

Sorry for rambling just a little confused? 


I don't know if I can help but no one else has replied so wanted to reply muself. I had lletz under local anaesthetic 2 weeks ago. I have been told the results from the tissue they sent off will be back within 4 Weeks. They should send a letter explaining what they found and if they think they removed it all etc.


in terms of recovery I'm still feeling rough I had some pain and bad discharge and am on anti biotics so if you have any worries I'd go to your doctors in case of an infection