Pain following colposcopy...normal?

Hi all, I’m new to the forum & find myself here as I’m searching for answers following my colposcopy yesterday. No biopsy was taken as I’m travelling abroad in a few days so have to wait till I return. So basically all I’ve had is a colposcopy and during the night and all through today I am in pain? Is this normal? It’s like a heavy period pain (no bleeding) I also feel hot & really emotional, such a baby. I didn’t expect pain as all she did was look and have s little poke about! Any reassurance or advice greatly received x

Your body probably feels traumatised hun.

I had my colposcopy today and they took biopsies it killed. 

Aching badly now sat here with hot water bottle. 

I think its normal x x x x 


Hi I had my 6month follow up colposcopy on Monday and im also in pain! 

Hopefully it goes soon for us all x