Pain during smear

So my last smear was really painful and it turned out I had HPV and CIN3. I had the LLETZ treatment 6 months ago and have gone for my check up smear today and it was also really painful (pain from the speculum) so now I'm worrying it is because the treatment didnt work and I have to do it all again. Has anyone else had this issue or does having the LLETZ make the speclum hurt?


Thanks All

I had a cone biopsy 28 years ago, I think it was the predecessor of the LLETZ and smears were painful/uncomfortable for me for a long while after. You will have scaring on your cervix which probably isn't fully healed and anything touching and stretching the cervix can be uncomfortable/painful.  Also you are bound to be more anxious now when having a smear and that doesn't help. Its reasuring to know that I'm not the only person whos felt pain/discomort having a smear as I always felt like I was being a big girls blouse.