Pain during and bleeding after smear

Hi guys, I'm probabaly overeacting but I have my Colp on Monday (high grade dyskaryosis on smear) and I'm worrying slightly as my smear was really painful and I bled for 10 days after. Just wondering of this is normal?


When I say it was painful, I don't mean the speculum bit - I was totally relaxed and found that bit fine, but when she actually put the brush in my cervix it was really painful and the pain lasted for a few hours afterwards. Obviously I'm getting myself worked up as all the literature says it shouldn't be painful just uncomfortable, whereas mine was most definitely painful!


I've had sexual health screening a few years ago and had no problem whatsoever with that.


Just wondering has anyone had a similar experience and was it okay?


Worrying about my colp now :(

Hello hun. Try not to worry as I think sometimes having a smear can bring on a period? I'm not 100%, but if you're unsure contact your gp who will reassure you.. The colposcopy itself looks more daunting than it actually is - the only thing that hurt just slightly is when she put the vinegar stuff on, but it was just more uncomfortable than anything else & it's over within 5 - 10 minutes! They will usually tell you there & then if you need treatment. I had 2 biopsies taken too, which for me wasn't painful. I was in a little pain afterwards sitting down & stuff, but it wears off after a few hours :) you'll be fine hun! Just relax! I always think to myself 'I would rather go through 10 minutes of being uncomfortable, then a lifetime of not knowing what could happen to me for the sake of 10 minutes' but if you're really worried, call the nurse or doctor who will answer any of your concerns! Fingers crossed for you hun! Xxx

Double post

Hi dani thanks for your reply. You are totally right and I'm probabaly just worrying over nothing. I think it's just the high grade result coupled with this pain and abnormal bleeding has me convinced it must be something sinister!


I think I will be having LLETZ on the day, which is fine as would rather just get it done there and then if needed. Thank god for this forum I think it has actually stopped me from going out of my mind this past week!



I know, this site is amazing! When the nurse in the colposcopy gave me the link to this website, I initially thought 'oh god why is she giving me a cancer website, have I got cancer?!' But from actually coming on here it really is amazing! And so reassuring too :)

I think we all end up diagnosing ourselves with something and we put the smallest little twinge down to something sinister, I know I did lol I get the slightest pain and I think the worst! Our minds can seriously be our own worst enemy lol just relax hun, everything will be fine!!

keep us posted :))) xxx