Pain & Bleeding from cervix during sex


its been just over 18 months since I finished my treatment for stage 2b (chemo & internal and external radiotherapy

given the all clear and go for regular check ups....but the bleeding and pain during sex has still remained and is still the same when I was first diagnosed. During sex if my boyfriend goes too deep and touches my cervix it's painful and then bleeds.

the bleeding is definitely not from my skin I can feel it and feels like my cervix is inflamed. I am really concerned as this was one of the symptoms when I was diagnosed. 

I now live outside of the uk and my check ups are done in the Middle East and I am concerned they are not aware of what to look for.

Has anyone else still experiencing these issues? I don't know what to do and I'm scared.



Hi Georgina188

Im sorry youve found yourself here, but this is a great site and hopefully someone with a similar situation will reply.

I had teatment for 1b1 just over twelve months ago and same as you have not reallly ben the same since, feeling inflamed and just not right.

I suppose the only thing i can say is maybe visit your gp and see if you can get referred or even speak to your hospitla to get checked out? are you still having regular check ups even though you are no longer in the uk?

big hugs hun xx