Pain and spotting 4 months after loop biopsy? Felling scared :(

Hi guys I joined this forum back in September when I was diagnosed with CIN 3 and had a loop biopsy. My partner and i waited around 5-6 weeks after the procedure to have sex and I have found it pretty painful ever since. we haven't been able to indulge in much sex since the loop as I find it uncomfortable and I can't seem to relax. Anyway tonight we tried again and I noticed some spots of blood afterwards. Has anyone else experienced this after the loop? I'm really worried im never going to be the same again or even worse that all the cells wernt properly removed and now it's cancer :( please help

Hello hun! You poor thing! Although I can't offer any advice from experience, I didn't want to read and not respond. I hope someone comes along soon with some experience and can ease your mind! It may be scar tissue.. Or maybe you've not quite healed properly yet. It could be a number of things hun so don't try to convince yourself it's cancer cause the chances are very very slim - especially after the loop. Sorry I couldn't be more help, really do hope you get the answers you're looking for soon! Good luck :) xxx