Pain and bleeding.. Waiting for results


New to this, so just looking for a bit of friendly advice...

It all started in April last year (2013) when I began having quite severe post coital bleeding. Went to GUM as thought maybe could be std of some kind. Went four times all results clear, but on lasts visit doc said I may have Cervical Ectropion. So referred me to gyno who said to have another smear (first was prev January). Had smear and result was abnormal so referred to colposcopy clinic. Doc said area looked quite bad so she lasered there and then. Anasthetic was horrendous as hurt lots but actual procedure ok. Had lots of pain emotion etc after but generally ok. Got results in 1 week, had CIN1 which of course now removed. Months later still getting pain and bleeding. Had check up smear, all good and healthy but very strong pain on my left side of vagina just inside. Referred to gyno again who said looks like scar tissue. Also had ultra sound to find out have polycystic ovaries but blood tests showed not PCOS. Now gyno says to come off implant for contraception and back on combined pill to level out my hormones in my skin down there! (What?!) been back on pill 4 months, and pain and bleeding still occurring. Referred back for another colposcopy. They can seen ulcer looking area which bleeds soon as it is touched, (although cervix perfectly fine) took biopsies which severely hurt and I was crying out from pain, doc seemed really concerned and kept guessing what it was to result to saying no I just don't know what it is. It's been 3 weeks now and no results and pain is worse since biopsies too. Worried and in need of advice from anyone that has been through similar exp? Thanx xx