Pain and bleeding after Vaginal wall biopsy

Hi looking for some advice,

i had abnormal smear high grade Dyskariosis  Jan 17 referred for colposcopy 1 biopsy taken CIN1 for repeat smear 12 months, Smear Jan 18 borderline changes high risk HPV referred colposcopy - colposcopy Feb 19th 2018 2biopsirs taken from cervix 1 from vaginal wall, 3 days later heavy bleeding (6 pads) in and hour and passing large clots rang colposcopy had to go back in for check, vaginal wall biopsy site bleeding further silver nitrate applied and heavy pressure now 2 days later have loads of pain while passing urine and sitting still bright red bleeding but not as heavy and abdominal pains/cramping is this normal or should I contact ward as was given open access??? Please help am extremely anxious and concerned!!

 * update *

Was back at hospital last night the extreme pain I have been experiencing is infection so been started on 2 lots of antibiotics and stronger painkillers for 7 days! Hoping this is the last of the bad luck as feeling very low and anxious now with the whole experience!


I think the best thing is to contact the ward, failing that NHS24 to get advice. Sorry I don't know what else to suggest, you have had experience and gone through enough for them to take you seriously.

Hi mrschiz 

thanks for your reply I think I will see how go today and if no improvement tomorrow I will ring ward, even if just for some reassurance my anxiety levels have went through the roof and I just feel so drained!