Pain after TWOC

Today my catheter was romoved 4 days post lap radical hysterectomy. It took 5 hours to wee - meaning 5 hours waiting in the hospital so staff could be sure there was no risk of retention. 

Weeing hurts. It takes a few minutes of straining my abdo muscles to get going. My stomach feels worn out. Also, I feel constant stingy, throbbing sensation in my bladder. 

Bit upset. Have taking codeine as its a constant sting/ache and difficult to bare. Have managed w/o codeine for last two days... I didn't think catheter removal would be so tough. 

Any tips? 




Hi Eliop,

After having my catheter removed after my radical hysterectomy, I had to go ring the on call doctor due to having immense pain and the feeling that I needed a wee all the time. It turns out I had a bad urine infection which was. Cured after being on antibiotics for two weeks, apparently they are quite common after the removal of a catheter (so I’m told). Hope you feel better soon. Xx

Yes, could be worth ruling out an infection. I found it a little bit stingy for a few days, but nothing to warrant pain killers. I also had a bit of a cramp type pain which did ease after a couple of weeks. It may help if you lean slightly forward when you pass urine. Xx

Thank you both. It's passed a little today. Still tricky to wee, but the pain has passed. I found crouching in the shower helped...albeit a bit gross, its the easiest way atm. 

Hi eliop. Just wondered if your pain had got any better.  I had my catheter out today after ten days. I did a massive wee over the 150ml they asked for although it took a while.  They tested it all ok. Bladder scan fine. But now I feel like I’ve got cystitis. The tube is painful. Feeling like I need to wee all the time.  It’s an average amount.  Have the feeling I’m going to be up a lot tonight.   Does it ease the day after?    X