Pain after sex

Does anybody have pain after sex and how long does it last? 


Hysterectomy  June 17

Chemo and Radio September 2017

1B1 CC 

NED Feb 2018 

Have you been given a dialator and silk lube for after your radiotherapy? This can help a lot!! Radiotherapy will create scar tissue in our vaginas and for some people sex can be quite painful without help. i had an hysterectomy in September and chemo/rads in Januar, I’ve been quite lucky at the moment I haven’t needed the dialators, hubby and me have been active which helps...try take your time, make sure you are relaxed and aroused enough and be gentle xx

Thanks for you reply, 


I didn't have brachi so didn't need dilaters. I was given silk too which helps. I just find that if I go in any postion other than side by side I'm in agony for weeks. My last check up in Feb came back clear but the pain I experience is dreadful for weeks after being more rigorous.