Pain after punch biopsy? -newbie


Its my first time posting on here. I went for my first ever smear test on the 2nd Jan as i am almost 25. The results came back abnormal so i was called to the hospital for a colposcopy on Friday (18th) and they took a punch biopsy. I'm really nervous waiting for the results but was just wondering how everyone managed the pain after the biopsy? I know they say its only a really little piece they take but it really really hurt me, i screamed and started shaking like crazy when he took it, they gave me ibuprofen and a cup of tea to help me calm down. But two days on i am still having really bad cramps and feel sore and bruised inside. Is it normal to still be in such pain?

Im sorry i know it sounds trivial but im a newbie and really scared so any reassurence would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Charlie x

it seems to affect everyone quite differently. Most other people say it hardly hurts, but I found mine more uncomfortable than my LLETZ and was sore for a few days after!

It should sort itself out but if you start bleeding lots or getting horrible pains call you doc

good luck!


Cat x