Pain after loop excision

Hi everyone.. New to this.. Not really sure where I am writing lol


Basic Basically I had a smear test in June, results came back abnormal.. low grade... So I had two biopsys taken and they cane back high grade Cin1 Cin2 and Cin3..  I'm new to all this so wasn't really sure what it all ment. Anyway on Wednesday I had to have a loop excision..  It was fine, no pain what so ever.. Until last night.. I'm in agony, can barely move.. My left hand side is so sore and the pain is also in my groin and down my thigh.. Is this normal? X

Hi hun, that's not normal no, you might have an infection so just go to the doctors and they will give you a  course of antibiotics to sort it out :) Easily sorted xx

Hey, thankyou for the reply.. I just called the gynaecology care unit and the doctor said it doesn't sound like it's linked to the procedure I had done..  Bit odd considering I only got this pain now that I've had this.. I am going to go doctors in the morning.. Asif I'm not worried enough having to wait 6 weeks for results :( I'm only 24 xx

Yeah seems like it would be a strange coincidence if it wasn't to do with it.The doc will probably give you antibiotics anyway to be on the safe side. It is such a worrying time, i got my results in less than 3 weeks though so its sometimes quicker...think it might depend on where you live. My results showed my procedure was successful so try not to worry :) once this pain you've got has veen sorted you might be able to put it to the back of your mind. Hope you feel better soon hun xx

2012 first smear aged 25. Normal

Aug 2015 2nd smear, severe dyskaryosis and hpv. Lletz treatment.  

Sept 2015 results show CIN 1,2&3 All removed. 

I'm so sorry, how rude of me not to reply,  I havnt been well really though! 

Athe  morning after I went to the docs - everything fine

That night the pains got worse called NHS direct, twice, sent me walk in centre, he sent me to thehospital..

The hosp did a few checks - everything fine but to come back next day for scan on my stomach

Next day - everything fine, referred me over to the gynaecology unit, after hours n hours they finally said I have a very nasty infection

From where I had the lettz..  Two different antibiotics eventually cleared it up, I'm still have light bleeding though..

Just waiting results still, it's so worrying  :( it's only been 3 n half weeks   how do people cope xx